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Routine Care

The best place for your ongoing and general routine care is with your GP at their practice. Nothing replaces the place of a GP in a patients care. For procedures such as removal of lesions, papsmears, ear syringing, care plans and assessments, please make an appointment with your GP at their practice.

* Care Plans
* Health Assessments and Medicals
* Papsmears
* Ear Syringing
* Chronic Disease Management
* Repeat Prescriptions

Urgent After Hours Care

For urgent care after hours, when your GP is closed, and you need to be seen on the same day, GP @ Your Door is here to assist you. We can provide a bulk billed after hours home visit to you in your home. Please call our friendly call centre staff to organise a home visit.

* Acute new symptoms

* pain when urinating

* Muscle aches and strains

* ear aches & sore throats

* Headaches

* Urgent Script Requests

Emergency Care

In an emergency a home visit is not an option for the patient. The best place for a patient that is having an emergency or experiencing life threatening symptoms is with emergency services.  Please call 000 or your local emergency department. In an emergency time is critical.

* Chest Pain
* Lacerations that require suturing
* Bleeding that is uncontrolled
* Fractures or Dislocations
* Extreme Concern of Patient
* Unconscious

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